Urban spatial project of the old city of Aleppo in 1973

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  • 歴史都市アレッポにおける1973年の旧市街空間整備計画
  • 松戸駅周辺を舞台とする"MAD City"プロジェクトの事例分析

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In this research, I clarify the planning idea, planning technique and methodology of the urban project plan for the old city of Aleppo in 1973 by the Japanese planner G.Banshoya. In Chapter 2, I will clarify the historical background of this program, including the participation of Banshoya, based on the past research. In Chapter 3, we will annotate the contents of all the texts and illustrations of the magazine article "Aleppo Old Town Space Development Project" which is the primary material of this program, and clarify its features. In Chapter 4, I discuss the relation between "evolutionary planning" which is one of the features found in the annotation and the previous planning theory of Banshoya. In Chapter 5, we clarify the validity of this plan mainly through comparing the plan with the old city map at the time.



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