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Evaluation of Land Use Pattern by Analyzing Residential Land Price Focusing on Spatial Indices of Land Use Mix

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  • 空間的土地利用混合度指標を用いた住宅地地価分析による土地利用パターンの評価

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Controlling externalities related to land-use mix and clarifying desirable land-use pattern are important tasks in urban planning. This study aims to quantify the relationship between land use mix and land price and clarify the land use pattern which can increase land price by resolving mixture into three spatial indices-adjacency, intensity, and proximity. We estimate the land price of residential use in Tokyo Ward area considering spatial autocorrelation with three models-A) control variable model, B) entropy model, and C) spatial mixture index model. While model B cannot give clear explanations of the effects of the mixture because the mixture is captured by a single index, model C explains which parts of land use mix have effects on land price. Our results indicate that effects of mixture with a given use on land price vary according to adjacency, intensity, and proximity and enable us to identify spatial pattern for enhancing land price.


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