Imaging the Earth's Interior with Neutrinos

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  • ニュートリノを用いた地球内部のイメージング
  • ニュートリノ オ モチイタ チキュウ ナイブ ノ イメージング

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 Atmospheric and anti-electron neutrinos generated inside the solid Earth (geoneutrinos) are potentially powerful tools for imaging the Earth's interior, in order to visualize the spatial distribution of the density of uranium and thorium concentrations. This review is limited to neutrino imaging techniques. Observations of atmospheric neutrinos and geoneutrinos have been reviewed previously and are not discussed here. An elementary introduction to neutrino generation on the Earth and propagation through matter opens the review. After reviewing neutrino tracking methods in the context of today's views of technological developments, the current experimental limits on neutrino imaging are presented. A technique to confront the standard Earth model is discussed in the conclusion. Neutrino imaging of the Earth has been pursued at IceCube. It is fair to mention that it has opened the possibilities of this new elementary particle technique for the first time.


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