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Report of the Expert Committee on Radiation Risk due to Medical Exposure

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  • 医療放射線リスク専門研究会の活動成果報告
  • イリョウ ホウシャセン リスク センモン ケンキュウカイ ノ カツドウ セイカ ホウコク

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Radiation use in medicine generally gives us the benefit that outweighs the risk. However, some patients are much concerned about the risk while some medical people are unaware of radiation risk. The aim of this report is to review the low dose risk not only in the reports of ICRP, UNSCEAR, BEIR and French academy but also in the scientific papers that have been paid attention to. On these bases, we discuss the low dose risk and how we face the risk in medicine in order to go for medical use of radiation to the right way. In particular, we hope this report will support medical people as well as radiation protection experts should understand the radiation risk in medicine on current scientific basis.



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