Appraisal formation processes of collective efficacy within a sport group: Focusing on task-related abilities amongst members

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  • スポーツ集団内における集合的効力感の評価形成過程:成員の課題遂行能力に着目した検討
  • スポーツ シュウダン ナイ ニ オケル シュウゴウテキ コウリョクカン ノ ヒョウカ ケイセイ カテイ : セイイン ノ カダイ スイコウ ノウリョク ニ チャクモク シタ ケントウ

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<p>Studies have indicated that various sources of information affect group level collective efficacy. However, the fundamental formation process where each member of a sport group appraises collective efficacy has not been adequately addressed. The purpose of this study was to examine this process in the context of task-related abilities among members of a sport group. Participants were 23 male college students and were assigned to a triad with two confederates. The participants were instructed to perform an experimental task consisting of pulling a wire rope above the prescribed tension criteria for 60 seconds. They were assigned to three conditions: the inferior condition in which the participant considered the two confederates to be more competent than themselves, the superior condition in which the confederates were judged to be as less competent, and the lone condition which the participant solely performed the task. The results showed that the participants in the inferior condition appraised the collective efficacy, in particular, focusing on the co-workers task-related abilities. Moreover, the individual effort in the inferior condition was lower than the other conditions. Finally, these results were interpreted in light of expectations of co-member ability.</p>



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