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Presently disposition of biomass resources such as thinning materials of forest and scrap wood have a big problem. We have proposed to use as charcoal by carbonizing these biomass resources. This charcoal must be useful, because of valuation of carbonization cost. Her are shown for a few value-added charcoal from biomass resource. These carbons named “Biocarbon”<br>1. The charcoal which has a lot of pore, compared with a traditional charcoal is produced from used paper. This charcoal is used for a flowerbed or a seedbed. These flowerbed and seedbed can grow plant and seed without any soil.<br>2. The high density charcoal is produced from sawdust. This high density charcoal is substituted into coke from coal and used in the Melting Process for waste.<br>3. The charcoal board is produced from charcoal powder and used as construction materials. The charcoal board can adsorb formaldehyde for a long time. Because we found this adsorbed formaldehyde reacts to formic acid. The fireproof charcoal board is also produced by mixing slaked lime.



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