Investigation of Sight Line Differentiation using Embedded Linux

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  • 組み込みLinuxを使用した正面顔での視線判別の考察


<p>In this report, we propose an inexpensive and handy system in which the direction of sight line of human is recognized under the construction of Raspberry Pi, open source hardware with embedded Linux, and proprietary camera module. For the differentiation of sight line of human, face, inner corner of the eye, pupil are detected from the image of the front face first, and the distance between human and camera and the direction of sight line is estimated from the analysis of them. When comparing the performance of the differentiation of the sight line in the proposed system with that in the general circumstance with personal computer, the results of detection are perfectly matched. In addition, it is confirmed that the differentiation of sight line can be done accurately within the distance of 1.0m between human and camera.</p>



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