Examination of the Alkali Impregnated Filter Paper for the Measurement of Gas Phase Boron Compounds used in the Inside Stack Sampler

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  • 煙道内排出ガス採取法を用いたガス状ホウ素化合物測定におけるアルカリ含浸ろ紙の検討
  • エンドウナイ ハイシュツ ガス サイシュホウ オ モチイタ ガスジョウ ホウソ カゴウブツ ソクテイ ニ オケル アルカリ ガンシン ロシ ノ ケントウ

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For the emission gas concentration measurement of sublimable gas phase boron compounds, the optimal collector material applied to the inside stack sampler (the type-I stack sampler developed in our previous article) was examined. The collection efficiency of alkali impregnated filter paper of K2CO3, Na2CO3, LiOH and Ba(OH)2 was investigated by using artificial stack.<br>It was revealed that K2CO3 and Na2CO3 filter papers have a high collection efficiency and fully applicable to the type-I stack sampler. However, LiOH and Ba(OH)2 filter papers have a restricted range of applicable condition.


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