Pitch Determination from Bone Conducted Speech

  • RAHMAN M. Shahidur
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
  • SHIMAMURA Tetsuya
    Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University


This paper explores the potential of pitch determination from bone conducted (BC) speech. Pitch determination from normal air conducted (AC) speech signal can not attain the expected level of accuracy for every voice and background conditions. In contrast, since BC speech is caused by the vibrations that have traveled through the vocal tract wall, it is robust against ambient conditions. Though an appropriate model of BC speech is not known, it has regular harmonic structure in the lower spectral region. Due to this lowpass nature, pitch determination from BC speech is not usually affected by the dominant first formant. Experiments conducted on simultaneously recorded AC and BC speech show that BC speech is more reliable for pitch estimation than AC speech. With little human work, pitch contour estimated from BC speech can also be used as pitch reference that can serve as an alternate to the pitch contour extracted from laryngograph output which is sometimes inconsistent with simultaneously recorded AC speech.


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