Latitudinal Comparison of Site Index, Stand Volume and Tree Species Composition in Boreal Forest of the Yenisey River Basin

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  • エニセイ川流域北方林における地位指数,幹材積及び樹種構成の緯度による比較
  • エニセイガワ リュウイキ ホッポウリン ニ オケル チイ シスウ カンザイセキ オヨビ ジュシュ コウセイ ノ イド ニ ヨル ヒカク

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The purpose of the present study is to analyze the relationship between latitudinal transition and site index, stand volume, as well as tree species composition based on an altitude and natural conditions. We conducted a survey on boreal forest in the upper, middle and lower stream along Yenisei River in Siberia. The average site index of larch declined in high latitude area, and its difference at 100year age stand was approximately 10m between upper and lower stream. The stand volume was small in high latitude area, and it declined by 1/4〜1/3 of the upper stream stand volume in lower stream. With regard to tree species composition, various forests of various succession stages mingled from larch-dominated stands in high latitude or high altitude area to spruce-dominated stands in low latitude area.



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