Periodontal Disease and Resistance Factor

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  • 歯周疾患と抵抗因子 III 3  各歯列より得た歯こう中の分泌型IgAの局在,とくにきょう側および舌側より得た歯こうの比較について
  • 第3編 (3), 各歯列より得た歯垢中の分泌型IgAの局在, とくに頬側および舌側より得た歯垢の比較について

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Discrepancy in quantity of secretory IgA between buccal and lingual dental plaque was clarified by immunopathological study.<br>Extensive fuorescence which showed existence of secretory IgA was observed in dental plque obtained from superior buccal molar and inferior lingual incisor sulcus. However, it was indicated that gross volume of secretory IgA in each teeth was equable through arrangement of the tooth. The results gave suggestion that arrest to oral bacterial invasion into the periodontal tissue by secretory IgA was given uniformly against all of the teeth since the dental plaque from superior buccal molar and inferior lingu-al incisor sulcus retained it most extensively.



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