A Case Report of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation for a Maxillectomy Patient with Speech Therapy and Objective Functional Tests

  • Matsuyama Miwa
    Section of Removable Prosthodontics, Department of Oral Rehabilitation, Faculty of Dental Science, Kyushu University

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  • 機能訓練と客観的評価を行った上顎欠損に対する顎顔面補綴治療の1例

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Patients: A sixty-one-year-old male patient with an acquired maxillary defect underwent maxil-lofacial rehabilitation. The interim obturator prosthesis was inserted at 5 weeks after the maxil-lectomy, and then the definitive obturator prosthesis was delivered at 8 months after the surgery.<BR>Discussion: The treatment outcome of this patient was evaluated with objective functional tests and a questionnaire on subjective satisfaction. The results of assessments suggested that wearing the definitive obturator prosthesis improved the patient's speech and chewing abilities.<BR>Conclusion: It is very important to evaluate the treatment outcome using objective functional assess-ments along with subjective ones the maxillofacial rehabilitation. Additionally, it is suggested that comprehensive medical service in cooperation with other specialists and co-medical staffs is necessary to improve the quality of life of the patient.



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