Studies on the Standardization of Parameters for Jaw Movements Analysis-Jaw Movement Analysis at the Incisal Point-

  • Takeuchi Hisahiro
    Department of General Dentistry, Tokushima University Medical and Dental Hospital
  • Bando Eiichi
    Department of Fixed Prosthodontics, Institute of Health Biosciences, The University of Tokushima
  • Abe Susumu
    Department of Oral Care and Clinical Education, Tokushima University Medical and Dental Hospital

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  • 顎運動解析パラメータの標準化に関する検討―切歯点における限界運動路解析―
  • Studies on the standardization of parameters for jaw movement analysis—jaw movement analysis at the incisal point
  • —Jaw Movement Analysis at the Incisal Point—
  • ―切歯点における限界運動路解析―

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Purpose: To establish standardized evaluating methods for jaw movements analysis independently of the reference coordinate system. In this paper, we focused on the analysis of incisor point paths of border movements. Then we investigated parameters that are independent of the reference coordinate system and can be utilized among different systems.<br>Methods: Recorded data of jaw border movements from 20 healthy male adults were employed as basic samples. First, the effects of changes of the reference coordinate systems on the analysis were investigated. Second, the line between incisor points at the intercuspal position and the maximal mandibular opening position was used as the reference line. Then the area index of incisor paths was calculated with the length of the perpendicular line dropped from the incisor point to the reference line and the displacement of the foot of the perpendicular.<br>Results: Changes of the spatial relation between a reference plane of the coordinate system and border movements pathways had an effect on a measured area of projected pathways, about 2%-5% differences of projected area on the frontal plane with 10 degrees rotation around a horizontal axis. The area index of incisor paths showed close correlation with the actual area of a 3-dimensional plane bounded by the incisor path [sagittal border movement: ρ = 0.53 (p = 0.016), left border opening pathway: ρ = 0.97 (p < 0.001), right border opening pathway: ρ = 0.98 (p < 0.001), Spearman rank correlation].<br>Conclusion: The results suggest that new parameters could measure jaw border movements quantitatively independent of the reference coordinate system.


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