Periodontal Disease and Resistance Factor

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  • 歯周疾患と抵抗因子 III 2  各歯列より得た歯こう中の分泌型IgAの局在,とくにきょう側より得た歯こうについて
  • 第3編 (2), 各歯列より得た歯垢中の分泌型IgAの局在, とくに頬側より得た歯垢について

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The object of present investigation was to demonstrate the levels of secretory IgA in the human dental plaque scraped from buccal sulcus.<br>The dental plaques which were obstained from 50 volunteers of students with clinically health in Gifu College of Dentistry were smeared on slide glasses and observed by fluorescein staining with FITC-labeled goat antiserum to human secretory IgA. The quality of secretory IgA was categorized in three degrees (+++, ++ and +) based on wideness of specific fluorescence.<br>Byimmunopathological observation' diffuse pattern, fiblillar or granular pattern were odserved. Degree of +++ showed highest frequency in the plaque from molar and lowest in incisor.<br>From the results, the following conclusins were obtained:<br>1) The levels of secretory IgA were related with an excretory passage of the parotid glands.<br>2) The levels of secretory IgA were also related with occurence area of the gingivitis.



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