The mechanism of dental plaque and calculus formation by fibronectin. 2. Demonstration of fibronectin in the enamel pellicle.

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  • Fibronectinによる歯こう,歯石の形成機序 第2報  獲得被膜におけるfibronectinの証明
  • 2. Demonstration of Fibronectin in the Enamel Pellicle
  • 第2報 獲得被膜における fibronectin の証明

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The fibronectin in acquired pellicle on the surface of tooth enamel was demonstrated by a fluorescence antibody technique (FITC-labeled anti goat serum to human plasma fibronectin, Sera Lab.). The substance was detected in 29 of 30 ground specimens, and recognized mainly on the surface of cervical and occlusal enamel. It was also demonstrated that the fibronectin localized in all area of acquired pellicle which were stained by carbolic fuchsine.<br>These results and the nature of fibronectin gave suggestion that the fibronectin in the saliva formed a part of main substance to acquired pellicle on the tooth enamel.



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