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The Recent Trend of Industrial Location and its Locational Requirements in the Kinki Region

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  • 近畿圏における工業立地と条件整備-昭和50年以降の立地分析から-
  • キンキケン ニ オケル コウギョウ リッチ ト ジョウケン セイビ ショウワ

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Industrial sectors had an important role to lead the rapid growth of Japanese economy in 1960s. However, the industrial structure has changed drastically since two oil crises in 1970s, which brings different locational trend accelerated by various technology revolutions.<br>The aim of this study is to analyse the trend of industrial location in a decade (1975-85) and various factors for industrial relocation using the data of the Kinki region collected by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Locational requirements for industrial location are examined considering the results of these analyses. In particular the analysis of some industrial sectors which show remarkable high growth such as high-technology industries is emphasized and the relation between factory size and location factors is also examined.<br>The major results of this study are summarized as follows:<br>(1) The analysis of locational trend has made it clear that the weight of conventional and local industries is decreasing and the industrial structure is changing drastically, which requires the change of regional policy fitting to recent industrial tendency.<br>(2) In the analysis of locational factors it has been clarified that some highly-growing industries attach importance to the quality of labour and encouragement by local goverment compaired with other industries. Therefore, the promotion of these factors is very important as well as other policies such as provisions of land and various facilities.<br>(3) This study has also clarified that the evaluation of locational factors depends upon the type and size of factories, which means that it is not easy to satisfy every requirements by respective factory at the same time. Therefore, the comprehensive regional plan to settle each factory in its appropriate place considering respective locational preference is required.


  • Studies in Regional Science

    Studies in Regional Science 17 105-125, 1986



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