Educational challenges and experiences of midwifery students who performed birth reviews

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  • バースレビューを実施した助産師学生の経験と教育課題の検討

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Objectives<br> The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of midwifery students with puerperants during delivery through birth reviews at the beginning (number of times assisting labor: 1-3) and completion (10) of a labor assistance practicum. The results were analyzed to gain educational insight into care related to childbirth experiences of postpartum women.<br>Methods<br> Participants were seven senior nursing major students at A University who chose an elective course in midwifery. These students were divided into two groups of 3 and 4. Focus group interviews were conducted at the completion of the first and second half of the practicum. Results were analyzed using the methods described by Vaughn et al.<br>Results<br> Three themes were raised by students as topics in the practicum. In performing birth reviews and self-evaluations, the topics were "care related to reflecting on the childbirth experience," "difficulty of performing birth reviews," and "understanding one's task for the next delivery" in the first half of the practicum, and "care related to integrating the childbirth experience" and "one's current inexperience" in the second half of the practicum. With respect to what one noticed/realized during birth reviews, the topics were "an understanding of puerperants through assumptions" and "the reason and need for birth reviews" in the first half of the practicum, and "lack of a big picture understanding of the delivery process," "midwifery care and puerperant diversity," and "the need to meet individual needs" in the second half of the practicum. Regarding impressions of performing birth reviews, students felt both "uncomfortable with favorable evaluations and a sense of accomplishment" in the first half of the practicum, and "enthusiasm due to favorable evaluations" in the second half of the practicum.<br>Conclusions<br> Birth reviews began with reflecting on the childbirth experience and, by the end of the practicum, carrying out care by integrating experiences. Birth reviews also provided opportunities for students to realize the effects brought about by such reviews, and made them aware of the diversity in midwifery care. It is important that teaching staff recognize the degree of student understanding of the objective and significance of birth reviews and understanding of their patients, and provide support for clarifying and supplementing deficiencies in tasks.


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