A 2-D Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow through Circular Cylinders using the Immersed Boundary Method

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  • IB法を用いた円柱群通過流れの2次元数値シミュレーション
  • IBホウ オ モチイタ エンチュウグン ツウカ ナガレ ノ 2ジゲン スウチ シミュレーション

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Using the Immersed Boundary Method with Physical Virtual Model proposed by Lima e Silva et al., characteristics of unidirectional flow through circular cylinders is investigated. Calculation result on a pressure drop through circular cylinders is compared with the empirical formula by Ergun. Transition of flow pattern through circular cylinders with increase in the Reynolds number is presented. In addition, spatial and time variation of fluid force acting on each cylinder is presented.



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