Formulation of Faulted Geologic Structures

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  • 断層を含む地質構造の表現方法
  • ダンソウ オ フクム チシツ コウゾウ ノ ヒョウゲン ホウホウ

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In this study, we propose a method, which incorporates faulting into the theory and algorithm based on the computer processing of sedimental and erosional geologic structure. The sedimental and erosional geologic structures can be expressed by the surfaces surround the distributed areas of geologic units, and the logical relation between the distribution of geologic units and surfaces are termed logical model of geologic structure. When we regard the changeable process of geologic structure formed through sedimentation and erosion as the relations between the distribution of geologic units and the surfaces, there is a definite rule of its formative process corresponds with the logical model of geologic structure, and it is expressed as a recursive definition. Concerning the faulting we define the rule which suggests the surface of fault divides a three-dimensional geologic unit and the open space into two areas, and the geologic structures of each area can be preserved. Therefore, faulting can be reasonably included into the recursive definition, which leads logical model of sedimental and erosional geologic structures, and the faulted geologic structure can be expressed as recursive definition. In addition, this recursive definition can lead a logical model of geologic structure cut by plural faults. With introducing a logical model of faulted geologic structure, we propose the faulted geologic map can be generated without any changes of the existent processing system based on a logical model of geologic structure.<br>


  • Geoinformatics

    Geoinformatics 16 (3), 177-189, 2005

    Japan Society of Geoinformatics

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