Individual Modeling Method Based on the X-Ray CT Images. Influence of Partial Volume Effect on the Modeling.

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  • X線CT画像に基づく骨体の個体別モデリング手法に関する研究  部分体積効果のモデリングヘの影響
  • X線CT画像に基づく骨体の個体別モデリング手法に関する研究(部分体積効果のモデリングへの影響)
  • Xセン CT ガゾウ ニ モトヅク コツタイ ノ コタイ ベツ モデリング シュホウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ ブブン タイセキ コウカ ノ モデリング エ ノ エイキョウ

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Reliable stress analysis of a bone requires not only precision in shape of the finite element model but also proper setting of material constants for the model. This paper deals with estimation of Young's modulus to the finite elements based on the X-ray CT data. At first, partial volume effect on the modeling was discussed by analytical and experimental ways using acrylic cylindrical specimen. Second, a simple correction method which transforms the CT value around border of the object was proposed. In this correction method, CT value larger than the threshold value was pulled up to the target CT value. To confirm validity of the proposed correction method, a load test and stress analyses using a dry mandible were performed. Analytical displacement between condyles and maximum principal strains were well coincided with these of experiments.


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