Shape Optimization of Linear Elastic Structures Subject to Multiple Loading Conditions. A Traction Method Approach to Minimum Volume Design.

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  • 複数荷重を考慮した線形弾性体の形状最適化 力法による体積最小設計
  • フクスウ カジュウ オ コウリョシタ センケイ ダンセイタイ ノ ケイジョウ

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This paper presents a numerical analysis technique for shape optimization of linear elastic structures subject to multiple loading conditions. The technique presented here is based on the traction method for determining the domain variation that reduces the objective functional. Using the speed method, a volume minimization problem is formulated in which the mean compliances associated with individual load cases act as constraints. The shape gradient function, which is equivalent to the shape sensitivity, for this problem is obtained using the Lagrange multiplier method. With the traction method, the domain variation is numerically analyzed using a commercial FEM code. A method is also proposed for finding the domain variation so as to satisfy equality and inequality constraints. The analytical results show the effectiveness and practical utility of the proposed method in solving shape optimization problems involving multiple loading conditions.


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