Experimental study on the dynamic characteristics of perforated plates.

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  • 異方配列多孔板の動特性に関する実験的研究
  • イホウ ハイレツ タコウバン ノ ドウトクセイ ニ カンスル ジッケンテキ ケ

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In the present paper, the mechanical properties of perforated plates with rectangular arrays of holes are investigated mainly experimentally. Perforated plates have generally been used for the elements of constructions for the purpose of saving the materials and of light-weighing, however, the effects of perforation to the dynamic characteristics have not been discussed minutely. The perforated rectangular plates are dealt with as orthotropic ones herein, and its effective elastic modulus is estimated from the experiments of perforated beam elements with the same array of holes. Reasonance frequencies and several modes of the plate are measured by use of the time-average holography, and they show good agreement with calculated values estimated by Rayleigh's method. As a result, the perforated plates show less orthotropy than they have been expected, laser holography is the effective method is estimating dynamic characteristics of such perforated plates.


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