New Zealand Recent Densiporidae and Lichenoporidae (Bryozoa : Cyclostomata)

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This paper describes Recent cyclostome bryozoans of the families Densiporidae and Lichenoporidae in the New Zealand region. The Densiporidae are recognised as a family with interior-walled autozooids, exterior-walled brood-chambers, and kenozooids lacking diaphragms. In New Zealand, the family comprises five species of Favosipora, of which four are new (F. candida, F. marmorosa, F. rosea, F. tincta). The generic status of Favosipora is clarified, and its scope expanded to include nine species, of which only one extends into the Northern Hemisphere. Four new combinations are introduced : Favosipora holdsworthii (Busk, 1875), F. nanozoifera (Moyano, 1982), F. otagoensis (Taylor, Schembri and Cook, 1989), and F. watersi (Borg, 1944). New Zealand Lichenoporidae presently comprise five species of Disporella-two new (D. humilis, D. sacculus), and one new species of Doliocoitis (D. cyanea). Disporella buski Harmer, 1915 and D. gordoni Taylor, Schembri and Cook, 1989 are synonymised with D. pristis (MacGillivray, 1884). Sabri's (1988) synonymising of Disporella novaezelandiae (Busk, 1875) with D. novaehollandiae (d'Orbigny, 1853) is accepted.


  • Species Diversity

    Species Diversity 6 (3), 243-290, 2001

    The Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology


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