8 Directions Detectable Octagonal nMOSFET Stress Sensor

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  • 1つの素子のみで8方向検出可能な8角形nMOSFET型応力センサ
  • 1ツ ノ ソシ ノミ デ 8 ホウコウ ケンシュツ カノウ ナ 8カッケイ nMOSFETガタ オウリョク センサ

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<p>In this paper, we design, fabricate, and evaluate Octagonal nMOSFET stress sensor for 8 direction stress detection. In previous works, stress detection device or devices, such as resistor and etc., have to be reattached along stress direction for measurement, because most of the stress sensors can detect only one dimension. However, this device is not necessary to reattach because this device has radial eight direction output terminals. As the results, we can realize that it is able to detect 8 dimensional stress directions.</p>


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