Fabrication and Evaluation of a Quench Microreactor System for a Miniaturization of Crystals

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  • 結晶微粒化を目的とした急冷マイクロリアクターシステムの製作と評価
  • ケッショウ ビリュウカ オ モクテキ ト シタ キュウレイ マイクロリアクター システム ノ セイサク ト ヒョウカ

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<p>The microreactor has attracted attentions because the microrecter can realise a new phenomenon and a new reaction in the field of micro-chemical process. In this study, a temperature controlled microreactor system using a microchannel of stainless steel and a Peltier device has been developed. In this system, the temperature device made of the microchannel device has been controlled from 8.7℃ to 65.8℃. The hot fluid has been quenched successfully. To evaluate the performance of this system, a recrystallization of alum has been used. In this temperature controlled microreactor system, the average particle diameter and standard deviation were 9.2 and 10.1µm when air flow rate and solution flow rate were 452 and 2.4ml/min. These results show that the proposed system has realized the miniaturization and uniformization of the alum crystals. As a result, the effectiveness of this system has been indicated.</p>


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