LHX-L : A Software Platform for Locomotion Interface

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  • ロコモーションインターフェースに対応したVR環境構築ソフトウェア : LHX-L(<特集>ロコモーションインタフェース)
  • ロコモーションインタフェースに対応したVR環境構築ソフトウェア:LHX-L
  • ロコモーション インタフェース ニ タイオウ シタ VR カンキョウ コウチク ソフトウェア LHX L

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This paper describes a software tool for construction of a virtual environment with sense of move. A locomotion interface is implemented in various mechanical configurations. In most case, the software of the virtual environment is tightly connected to the control program of the locomotion interface. This problem is a hazard for development of further applications. We developed a modular software tool called LHX-L, which supports various type of locomotion interface. LHX-L is composed six modules. Application of the locomotion interface is easily reconfigured by exchanging these modules. The effectiveness of LHX-L is exemplified through various applications.


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