A Service Design Practice using Special Exhibition "Map of Japan created by Ino Tadataka" at Tokyo National Museum and Museum Theater(<Special issue>Digital Museum Evolution)

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  • 東京国立博物館・特集展示「伊能忠敬の日本図」とミュージアムシアターを活用したサービスデザインプラクティス(<特集>デジタルミュージアムの展開)
  • 東京国立博物館・特集展示「伊能忠敬の日本図」とミュージアムシアターを活用したサービスデザインプラクティス
  • トウキョウ コクリツ ハクブツカン ・ トクシュウ テンジ 「 イノウ チュウケイ ノ ニホンズ 」 ト ミュージアムシアター オ カツヨウ シタ サービスデザインプラクティス

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Not only in Japan but also in other countries, there are some case studies in the museum using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Based on this trend, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. developed Toppan VR which a method to show digital archive data, and have organized the Museum Theater with Tokyo National Museum (Tohaku). This research designed a service on The Great Map of Japan (Inouzu) in order to expand the user experience in the museum as well as to solve some issues extracted through operational experiences. This service designed 4 touch points on Inouzu, an interactive map viewer, a VR movie "Map of Japan created by Ino Tadataka" at Museum Theater, a workshop on pace countings, Special exhibition "Map of Japan created by Ino Tadataka" at Heiseikan Thematic Exhibition Room, and aligned them. As a result of the evaluation tests, this service changed passive experiences on the Museum Theater to more subjective experiences, and achieved more effective linkage between the Museum Theater and the exhibition.


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