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The present conditions and factor analysis of the forest road institution disaster in Amami Oshima

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  • 奄美大島における林道施設災害の現状と要因分析
  • アマミ オオシマ ニ オケル リンドウ シセツ サイガイ ノ ゲンジョウ ト ヨウイン ブンセキ

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Forest roads have been constructed on Amami Islands since 1960 by the Kagoshima prefectural government and they have been damaged because of heavy rains. The latest damage of the forest roads was caused by the record rainfall received in October 2010. We collected data on the serious damages of forest roads because of heavy rains on and after 1975 including the damages in October 2010 and analyzed their data. The results are as follows: 1) More than 80 % of the serious damages of forest roads are due to the collapse of cut slope. 2) The frequency of forest road damages in each route decreased the year when a route of forest road was established and is at a low level after around 1995. This may be because of the change in planning and designing in 1995. 3) Analyzation by a mathematical quantification theory class 1 showed that an amount of collapsed mass relates geological and geomorphological conditions of the road route such as catchment area, slope shape, and longitudinal gradient.



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