HANASUI : Multi-View Observable and Movable Fogscreen(<Special Issue>Mixed Reality)

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  • 花水 : 多視点観察及び移動が可能なフォグスクリーン(<特集>複合現実感6)
  • コンテンツ論文 花水 : 多視点観察及び移動が可能なフォグスクリーン
  • コンテンツ ロンブン カスイ : タシテン カンサツ オヨビ イドウ ガ カノウ ナ フォグスクリーン

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In this paper, we propose the method for creating multi-view movable fogscreen, and then implement it in our system called "HANASUI". "HANASUI" displays handheld-like fireworks through a fog screen instead of sparkles. Our method generates projection data dynamically from a virtual space and then casts it with multiple projectors, tracking the marker attached to the device which spouts fog at the fogscreen with infrared cameras and infrared floodlights. Finally we conducted a survey to verify the capabilities of "HANASUI" and its potential for art and entertainment purposes.


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