Welding Experiments of Aluminum Alloy by Space GHTA Welding in the ISS Orbital Pressure

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  • ISS軌道圧力でのアルミニウム合金の宇宙GHTA溶接実験
  • ISS キドウ アツリョク デ ノ アルミニウム ゴウキン ノ ウチュウ GHTA ヨウセツ ジッケン

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As a feasible welding method in space, the authors have previously proposed the space GHTA (Gas Hollow Tungsten Arc) welding process. The space GHTA welding with high frequency power source for the arc starting may cause the electro-magnetic noise problems of computer equipments placed on the ISS. Therefore, in this paper the welding experiments of aluminum alloy by the space GHTA welding with DC high voltage power source for the arc starting was carried out in the ISS orbital pressure 10-5Pa. It is made clear that there is the shifting phenomenon in which the spark discharge changes to the glow or arc discharge at starting phenomenon of the space GHTA welding in high vacuum condition, and the features of those starting phenomenon are demonstrated. And the space GHTA welding with DC high voltage power source can be used for welding in the ISS orbital pressure.


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