Effect of a Protuberance on Transonic Flowfield around a Rocket Fairing

  • TSUTSUMI Seiji
  • TAKAKI Ryoji
  • TAKAMA Yoshiki
  • IMAGAWA Kentaro
  • NAKAKITA Kazuyuki
  • KATO Hiroyuki

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  • ロケットフェアリング遷音速流れにおける微小突起の影響
  • ロケットフェアリングセンオンソク ナガレ ニ オケル ビショウ トッキ ノ エイキョウ

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Experiment using the 2m× 2m transonic wind tunnel in JAXA and numerical simulation based on the RANS are carried out to investigate transonic flowfield influenced by a protuberance attached to shoulder of a generic cone-cylinder type rocket faring. Thickness of the protuberance considered here is about 0.1% of the fairing diameter, which is 1.8 times thicker than the displacement thickness of the incoming boundary layer. Validation and verification of the numerical method are firstly performed based on the experimental result of the clean fairing without any protuberance. It is found that effect of the protuberance changes depending on the flow speed. If the free-stream Mach number is less than 0.8, separation shock wave is generated at the protuberance on the shoulder, although the separation shock wave appears at the cylinder section of the clean fairing. On the other hand, little influence on the flow structure is observed in the flow condition with higher free-stream Mach number. The effect revealed in this study indicates the importance of the protuberance to the design of rocket fairing.


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