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The physiological and psychological factor analysis related to the results (scores) of archery athletes : The relation of the scores of a sham match with the dynamics of cardiovascular system/psychological state before and after the match

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  • アーチェリー選手の成績(得点)にかかわる生理・心理的要因分析 : 模擬試合の得点と試合前後の心血管系動態,心理状態の関係
  • アーチェリー センシュ ノ セイセキ トクテン ニ カカワル セイリ シンリテキ ヨウイン ブンセキ モギ ジアイ ノ トクテン ト シアイ ゼンゴ ノ シンケッカンケイ ドウタイ シンリ ジョウタイ ノ カンケイ

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In this paper, we analyzed the physiological/psychological factors related to the scores of archery athletes mainly from the aspect of such physiological indicators as heart rate, blood pressures, etc. before a match. such psychological indicators as the state anxiety toward a match, etc., in relation to the scores of archery matches. As a background, it has been said that, in athletic sports, physiological conditions are important to obtain good performances (scores and results), and that, particularly in personal matches, the physiological and psychological conditions immediately before a match may influence the results. As a result of our analysis, it was found that the scores of a sham match were significantly higher in the experienced athletes, compared with the inexperienced ones, and that the blood pressures and heart rates before a match (before a W-up and immediately before a match) tended to show higher values in the inexperienced athletes, compared with the experienced ones. Furthermore, a significant, negative correlation was found between the results (scores) of a match and the blood pressures before W-up (diastolic pressures and average pressures) as well as the heart rates, and a significant, positive correlation between the results (scores) of a match and the values on the mood scale immediately before a match was confirmed.



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