Indentation of a penny-shaped crack by a disc-shaped rigid inclusion in an elastic layer.

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  • 円板状剛体介在物によって開口する弾性厚板内部の円形き裂
  • エンバンジョウ ゴウタイ カイザイブツ ニ ヨッテ カイコウスル ダンセイ ア

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An axisymmetric contact problem is considered to be the cause of the indentation of a penny shaped crack by a thin disc-shaped rigid inclusion in an elastic layer. This three-part mixed boundary value problem is reduced to a solution of infinite systems of simultaneous equations in which the crack shape function is expressed as an appropriate series. The normal contact stress between the inclusion and the crack surface, as well as the stress intensity factor, are shown in curves calculated numerically. The effects of various values of nondimensional parameters on the stress field and the stress intensity factors are studied.



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