Satellite tracking of long-distance movements of two Cattle Egrets in East Asia

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  • 東アジアにおけるアマサギ2個体を対象とした長距離移動の衛星追跡
  • ヒガシアジア ニ オケル アマサギ 2 コタイ オ タイショウ ト シタ チョウキョリ イドウ ノ エイセイ ツイセキ

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The Cattle Egret is a species known to have undergone recent range expansion at the global scale. We used satellite tracking to follow the long-distance movements of two Cattle Egrets caught in eastern Japan during/after the 2006 breeding season. Both egrets migrated to winter in the central Philippines, but in spring 2007 while one of them returned to the area where it had been first caught, the other migrated to the mouth of the Yangtze River, China, and spent the breeding season there at a location 1,900 km west of where it had been originally captured. This is the first record of long-range breeding dispersal in the Cattle Egret confirmed by satellite tracking.



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