Autonomy in Their Nursing Activity and the Related Factors Evaluated by Nurses Working in the Cancer Centers

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  • がん専門病院に勤務する看護師の自律性に対する自己評価と関連要因の影響
  • ガン センモン ビョウイン ニ キンム スル カンゴシ ノ ジリツセイ ニ タイスル ジコ ヒョウカ ト カンレン ヨウイン ノ エイキョウ

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<p>Abstract</p><p>Nurses’ self-evaluation of their autonomy in carrying out nursing activities is considered an important index for investigating improvement in the quality of nursing activities. In this study, questionnaires were administered to nurses working in cancer hospitals in order to investigate their self-evaluation of their own abilities in implementing nursing activities and the following major factors related to that evaluation:(1)their sense of responsibility as an oncology nurse(2)practical nursing skills and(3)self-efficacy. Responses were received from 104 nurses(response rate 34.67%). </p><p>Scores on the scale measuring autonomy in nursing activities and scores on the self-efficacy scale were similar to scores previously reported in research publications. Multiple variables showed correlation with the score measuring autonomy in nursing activities. Multiple regression analysis revealed that two indices of practical nursing skills, namely, years of nursing experience and generalized self-efficacy, had an influence on autonomous nursing activities. </p><p>Results showing the correlation between autonomy and related factors provide a number of insights into the nature of nurses who contribute to autonomous nursing activities.</p>


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