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A daughter's predicament when sending her own senile mother to a nursing home

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  • 介護施設利用に到るプロセスへの一考察 : 認知症の母親と娘の関係性の視点から

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When nursing a family member, the family plays a major role and especially in most cases, women are expected to take the responsibility for providing nursing care even though nursing care has become socialized and many nursing services are available nowadays. Usually patients have various psychoneurotic symptoms and changes of language, emotions, behavior, and personality although there are many ways for advancement of dementia and its symptoms vary among different individuals. We verified and analyzed a particular suffering of daughters such as their feel of loss and heavy responsibilities and circumstances when they decided to institutionalize their mother prior to occurrence of dementia as well as change of the relationship with their mother because of the illness. In addition, we highlighted the issues of current nursing care in this study and considered measures that we can pass on so that we can lessen their burden and protect the dignity of lives of both mother and daughter. In the result, the particular struggles of daughters and chronological order are seen in the process of using a nursing and personal care facility. The four types of relations are derived from interviews and we found that the each relation has no small effect on the circumstances of nursing care.


  • Bioethics

    Bioethics 19 (1), 60-70, 2009

    Japan Association for Bioethics


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