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A study of multiple role involvement : Effects of type of role involvement, attainment, and masculinity/femininity

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  • 多重な役割従事に関する研究 : 役割従事タイプ、達成感と男性性、女性性の効果
  • 多重な役割従事に関する研究--性役割従事タイプ,達成感と男性性,女性性の効果
  • タジュウナ ヤクワリ ジュウジ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ セイ ヤクワリ ジュ

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Women's occupancy of the social roles of wife, mother, and worker, and the attainment from their role performance were examined in relation to life satisfaction and role overload. The study also examined the effect of sex-role personality, androgyny, which were assumed to have effects to the number of role occupancy or attainment. Subjects were 292 Japanese women aged twenties to forties, who were from the list of graduates. Women who occupied 3 roles (wife, mother, worker) or 2 roles (wife, mother) got higher life satisfaction than women who occupied 1 role (worker). But, role overload of women who occupied 3 roles were higher than that of women who occupied 2 roles (wife, mother). The effect of ageclass was significant concerning role overload; forties got lower role overload than twenties or thirties. Role attainment was important to get higher life satisfaction. Masculinity urged to occupy many roles, and femininity to get higher wife's and mother's role attainment.


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