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Mental health : From psychoanalysis of Freud to Morita therapy : From sexual energy to spiritual energy(<Special issues>Social psychology of health)


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  • 精神の健康 : フロイトの精神分析から森田療法へ : 性的エネルギーから精神的エネルギーへ(<特集>「健康の社会心理学」)
  • 精神の健康--フロイトの精神分析から森田療法へ(性的エネルギーから精神的エネルギーへ)
  • セイシン ノ ケンコウ フロイト ノ セイシン ブンセキ カラ モリタ リョウ

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The modern psychotherapy had been developed initially by Freud's psychoanalysis. Freud's theory and practices, however, have been so strongly dominated by mechanism of sexual energy that several reactions to it have been developed thereafter. Several psychotherapists reached the conclusion that even mentally deranged persons should be treated as human-beings or real existences. This article tried to trace this tendency from Binswanger's Dasein-analysis, Sullivan's new Freudism. Frankl's existence-analysis and finally to Japanese Morita therapy. Final reaching point on the side of Western world may be Frankl's existence analysis which is very persuasive because of his experience in Auschwitz concentration camp, and he fries to use spiritual energy, in stead of sexual energy in his therapy. It is astonishing that the same conclusion and practices had been developed by Japanese Morita therapy which utilizes Zen's doctrine.


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