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Influences of environmental volunteer group's action on residents' cognition and behavior concerning curbside recycling

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  • 環境ボランティアの活動が地域住民のリサイクルに関する認知・行動に及ぼす効果
  • カンキョウ ボランティア ノ カツドウ ガ チイキ ジュウミン ノ リサイクル

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This study clarified informational and normative influences of environmental volunteer groups on residents' recycling attitudes and behaviors. In the first survey, 14 volunteer groups were categorized into two types based on their activity level and group size. High active groups collected cans and bottles from most part of their areas while low active groups collected from small part of their areas. In the second survey, a questionnaire was distributed to 180 residents from 3 different areas in which there were no volunteer group, low active groups, or high active groups. Attitude, social norm, perceived control, and behavior were compared among the 3 areas. As a result, attitudes toward recycling (evaluation of social benefit and personal benefit) did not differ in the 3 areas. But feasibility evaluation for recycling, social norm awareness and recycling behavior in the area of the high active group were more positive than other two areas.


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