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A trial for extracting question items while maintaining consistency structure of the questionnaire : Short Japanese translated version of Eysenck's personality test

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  • 調査票の持つ構造を保持した簡易化の試み : Eysenckのパーソナリティテストの日本語訳簡略版の作成
  • チョウサヒョウ ノ モツ コウゾウ オ ホジシタ カンイカ ノ ココロミ Ey

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A questionnaire proposed by Eysenck in 1987 has been shown to be effective in predicting the occurrence of Cancer and Heart Disease. In order to apply it in Japan, there remains some problems; the questionnaire consists of complicated sentences and has too many questions to use in a field survey. Furthermore, the translated version of this was translated into readily comprehensible Japanese but departed somewhat from the meaning of the original. In the present study, we made a more faithful translated version and examined the common structure of the question items of the both questionnaires using Hayashi's Quantification Method III. Based on the survey results of the students, we found out the similar clusters of the items with the Eysenck's. We decreased the items by a systematic way and made a short questionnaire. It is considered that the short questionnaire is maintaining the structure of the original and it is feasible to use it in a field survey.


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