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Violent Pornography : Its relationship with aggression against women, rape proclivity, rape myths, and sexual responses

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  • 暴力的ポルノグラフィー : 女性に対する暴力、レイプ傾向、レイプ神話、及び性的反応との関係
  • ボウリョクテキ ポルノグラフィー ジョセイ ニ タイスル ボウリョク レイプ

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The present paper reviewed empirical research on the effects of violent pornography on male audience. Some laborabory research found that violent pornography depicting rape scenes increased male subjects' aggression against female targets, even when they were not angered by the victims. In other studies, the male audience of violent pornography showed more rape-supportive attitudes, that is, they perceived rape as less criminal and accepted more rape myths. These findings implied that it may increase rape proclivity in males. Rapists displayed more sexual arousal than non-rapists to rape scenes in several experiments, but some researchers held the assumption that the non-rapists were also aroused by rape scene but they inhibited their arousal because of a feeling of guilt. The majority of normal men really showed some similarities to rapists in cognitions or beliefs on women's sexuality and rape. In conclusion, it was alleged that sexual aggression is not a personal pathological problem but a socio-cultural issue which has much bearing on male dominant value system.


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