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A study on the residents' opinions toward the local Japanese-owned companies in the U.S.A. : Determinants of unfavorable opinions toward Japanese-owned companies


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  • アメリカ合衆国における日本企業進出地域住民の日本企業に対する意識に関する研究 : 日本企業に対する非好意度を規定する諸要因
  • アメリカ ガッシュウコク ニ オケル ニホン キギョウ シンシュツ チイキ ジ

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The purpose of the present study is to explore the opinions of the residents living in the areas where Japanese-owned companies have been located in the U.S.A. Particularly, the analysis is directed toward examining determinants of unfavorable opinions toward Japanese-owned companies. The survey was conducted in three States, where Japanese-owned companies have been operating. In the present study, telephone interviews were carried out for the residents in the area within 10 miles areas around the center of a Japanese manufacturing company in each State. The response were obtained from 1,050 residents. Using Cronbach's α-coefficient, the unfavorable opinion index was calculated by combing five items that assess residents' evaluation of Japanese-owned companies. In order to search the determinants of unfavorability, this index was subjected to examinations as a dependent variable for quantification theory type I. The results were summarized as follows. (1) The more the residents had chances of contact with Japanese-owned companies, the more favorably did the residents rate them. (2) The more positively the residents rate the Japanese People, the less unfavorably the residents rated Japanese-owned companies. (3) People who stood for free trade tended to rate Japanese-owned companies more favorably than did those who had held the protectionismic opinion. (4) The more the residents considered Japanese-owned companies as giving support to local industries or activities in their region, the more favorable were their opinions to Japanese-owned companies.


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