Parents' narcissism and aggression against children : When parents attribute misfortune to their child

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  • 親の自己愛と子への攻撃 : 自己の不遇を子に帰すとき
  • オヤ ノ ジコアイ ト コ エ ノ コウゲキ ジコ ノ フグウ オ コ ニ キス トキ

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Because of the vulnerability of their self-evaluation, narcissists are more apt than non-narcissists to attack a person who threatens their self-evaluation (Baumeister, Smart, & Borden, 1996). On the basis of this model, it was hypothesized that the more narcissistic parents would more often attack their children only when they strongly attribute not being able to show their abilities (i.e., threat to their self-evaluation) to their children. A hierarchical regression analysis of the self-report data from 626 sampled parents supported the hypothesis, showing that among the high attribution parents the more narcissistic reported more attacks on their children, but, among the middle or the low attribution parents, narcissism did not significantly correlate with reported attacks. The moderator effects of attribution on narcissists' aggression against their children were discussed.


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