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Regret and mental health in the bereaved family : Action versus inaction


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  • 遺族の後悔と精神的健康の関連 : 行ったことに対する後悔と行わなかったことに対する後悔
  • イゾク ノ コウカイ ト セイシンテキ ケンコウ ノ カンレン オコナッタ コトニ タイスル コウカイ ト オコナワナカッタ コトニ タイスル コウカイ

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The purpose of this study was to examine the differences between regret over actions taken versus regret over inaction vis-a-vis bereaved family. The focal points of the study were as follows: 1) to explore the nature of unreversed regret in the bereaved; 2) to examine the association between the number and intensity of regrets and mental health and grief; and 3) to examine the effect of action and inaction on mental health and grief. Using a mail-in questionnaire, we surveyed and analyzed the results of 89 bereaved respondents. The results showed that participants had more lifetime regrets over inaction than over action taken. The number and intensity of regrets also correlated with mental health and grief. Bereaved participants who expressed regret over inaction had poorer mental health and stronger feelings of grief than those with no regrets over inaction. We discuss the implications of unreversed regret and examine regret prevention for the bereaved.


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