The Consciousness and Actual Behavior of Young People hi Their Twenties about "mottainai" Related to Daily Life

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  • 日常生活における20代若者の「もったいない」意識と実際の行動
  • ニチジョウ セイカツ ニ オケル 20ダイ ワカモノ ノ 「 モッタイナイ 」 イシキ ト ジッサイ ノ コウドウ

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The purpose of this study was to clarify the consciousness and actual behavior of young people in their twenties about "mottainai" related to daily life. The results were as follows: 1) The degree of consciousness was relatively high in the items of food, resources and energy, and relatively low in the items of convenience enrichment and consumption life. 2) The number of items which people actually practiced was generally small compared with the number of items of which they were conscious. 3) The combination of consciousness and behavior was categorized into 4 groups. The number of "Low consciousness & Low behavior" was the largest, the number of "High consciousness & High behavior" and "High consciousness & Low behavior" were almost the same and the next largest, and the number of "Low consciousness & High behavior" was the smallest. The consciousness and behavior of females were higher than those of males. 4) The above 4 groups of consciousness and behavior related to the customs of daily life in respondents' families.



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