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An X-ray Radioscopy System for Pipe Weld Inspection Using a Real-time Image Integration Method

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  • リアルタイム画像積分処理による鋼管溶接部X線透視検査装置


This paper describes an X-ray radioscopy system which has been developed for on-line welding inspection of large diameter steel tubes incorporating X-ray image integration technique as well as simultaneous control method for X-ray tube voltage and current. The simultaneous control of X-ray voltage and current features regulation of X-ray intensity which has permeated through steel tubes of varying wall thickness. This system censures stable statistical error range which leads to clear image. Also an X-ray image integrating technique which places emphasis on the contrast of defects against background has been developed. These technologies feature stable integration process under tubes' fluctuating traveling speed in a mill. By utilizing the proposed methods, those images involving defects are integrated 20 to 30 times to reduce statistical errors and processed into clear and high contrast images. Our on-line and off-line tests show penetrameter sensitivity within 1.0 to 1.4% at the welding thickness ranging from 10 to 40mm. This X-ray radioscopy has been in operation at a large diameter steel tube mill and has contributed to improved quality control of the tube products.



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