Beautifying Efficacies of Pineapple Fruit Extract Containing Glucosylceramides

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  • グルコシルセラミド含有パイナップル果実エキスの美容効果
  • グルコシルセラミド ガンユウ パイナップル カジツ エキス ノ ビヨウ コウカ

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In this research, we have explored the potential of pineapple fruit extract containing glucosylceramides (PFEG) for oral intake and external application, and found it has a number of efficacies for skin beautification. These days, plant-derived ceramide (glucosylceramide) has become commonplace in the skin care market. We have developed a pineapple fruit extract containing glucosylceramides (PFEG) from the edible part of pineapple. Ceramide is contained in the horny layer which is located at the outer layer of the skin. About 55% of intercellular lipids in the horny layer are composed of ceramides. Ceramide plays an important role in maintaining skin moisture and skin barrier function. It is reported that the ceramide content in the skin decreases as one ages, and people suffering from dry skin and atopic dermatitis have low ceramide content. We have already proven in other research that PFEG has beautifying efficacies such as moisturizing and skin lightening by oral intake. In this study, PFEG showed an up-regulating effect of mRNA expression related to moisturizing effects and ceramide synthesis in an in vitro study. The clinical study showed that PFEG improved skin dryness by sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) treatment by increasing ceramide content in the skin. PFEG inhibited the melanogenesis in melanocytes. Interestingly, it was suggested that PFEG strongly inhibited melanogenesis and pigmentation by a combination of oral intake and external application compared to only oral intake. These results indicate that PFEG exerts moisturizing effects by promoting ceramide synthesis and brightening effects simultaneously, and what is more, the beautifying efficacies of PFEG synergistically increase by oral intake and external application compared to either oral intake or external application.



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