An Approach to Improvement of Pore Conspicuousness Caused by Epidermal Structure on Cheek

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  • 頬の表皮構造による毛穴目立ちと,その改善へのアプローチ
  • ホオ ノ ヒョウヒ コウゾウ ニ ヨル ケアナ メダチ ト ソノ カイゼン エ ノ アプローチ

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Conspicuous facial pores are one of the more serious aesthetic defects of concern to most women. However, the mechanism that causes the conspicuousness of facial pores remains unclear. We observed the epidermal structure around the conspicuous pores on cheeks in vivo using a confocal microscope in detail, and found that there were peculiar epidermal structures around the conspicuous facial pores. These epidermal structures were characterized by a thick epidermis, which reached the deep dermis, and elongated dermal papillae. As the shape and the size of these epidermal structures at more than one hundred micrometers below the surface were similar to those of the surface hollow area around the conspicuous pores, we thought that this epidermal structure was one cause for facial pore conspicuousness on cheeks. To improve these epidermal structures through contraction of keratinocytes, we developed 1-isostearylglycerol-3-phosphate, which promoted the gel contractile ability of keratinocytes and suppressed the keratinocytes' growth in vitro. The treatment of lotion containing 1-isostearylglycerol-3-phosphate could alter the epidermal structures and decrease the hollow area around the conspicuous facial pores.



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