Examination about the Policy Initiative of Fuel Cell Vehicle by Using the Feedback Control

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  • フィードバック制御による燃料電池自動車の施策に関する検討
  • フィードバック セイギョ ニ ヨル ネンリョウ デンチ ジドウシャ ノ シサク ニ カンスル ケントウ

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This paper examines a public policy initiative plan of Fuel Cell Vehicle by using a feedback control. The plan is not a policy to only spend a budget among one year. A public institution builds the hydrogen stations, and then a private business operator which won by the bidding system manages and run the station. The numbers of Fuel Cell Vehicle follow a tracking pattern by using the feedback control. The control logic is Sliding Mode Control which has robustness against the uncertainties of the infrastructure model for the number of Fuel Cell Vehicle and the hydrogen station. The simulation result shows that the good tracking result even if there is uncertainty in the model, and gives that the lowest bid amount of money per one station when a private business operator bids it.



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