Plate-to-plate calculation method for reacting distillation and application of Lyster's method to operational problems.

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  • 反応蒸留の逐次計算法と操作問題解法のためのLyster法の応用
  • ハンノウ ジョウリュウ ノ チクジダン ケイサンホウ ト ソウサ モンダイ カ

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A rigorous plate-to-plate calculation method for reacting distillation problems by considering plate efficiency is proposed.<BR>Although several calculation methods for reacting distillation have been presented, all assumed the ideal stage, and did not consider the significance of its effect on separation. In the proposed method, a reaction term and a plate efficiency are introduced into a plate-to-plate calculation, and this is combined with Lyster's θ method of convergence to satisfy the condition of plate-matching. This algorithm satisfactorily gave us a rigorous, rapid solution of operational problems of reacting distillation.<BR>In this paper, numerical examples are presented to show the convergence characteristics of the proposed method and demonstrate the stability of solutions to initial values.


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